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Car-Selling Sites Need Evox Images To Put Potential Customers In Digital Driver’s Seat

evox imagesA real brick-and-mortar dealership is a great setting for us to explore the car-selling process. Those working there are putting each and every make and model on a pedestal, explaining how shoppers will be better off if they go with a certain vehicle that’s for sale there. Shoppers are visiting dealerships to get up close and personal with vehicles they are seriously considering purchasing. However, it must be made clear that these consumers have more than likely already done a fair amount of due diligence. They’ve used online resources to learn about what’s under the hood, what size the trunk is and even taken advantage of virtual reality (VR) technology to “sit” in the digital driver’s seat. The latter aspect is where Evox Images comes in and car dealerships that are serious about making in-person sales need to invest in their website, as well. In this article, we’ll explore how this digital photography, videography and VR company can help dealers roll more cars off the lot.


According to, knowing your product is among the best investments in time a salesperson can make. “Product knowledge won’t sell cars on its own, but your customer needs to feel comfortable about spending a large amount of money,” the article states. This is a crucial step because the dealership’s website already lists the specs. To that end, the shopper has likely extensively researched them and expects you to have immediate recall of that information, too. You’ve likely heard the phrase that we “eat with our eyes.” With photos, video and VR applications on your website, car shoppers have a feast before them. When commissioned to document a new car, Evox Images is capable of rendering different colors and backgrounds as well as supply hefty photo sets for shoppers to scroll through online. The “splash images” package from Evox Images, for example, contains an “abstract” and “realistic” background of your choosing. Resolution size, format and the setting of the backgrounds are all up to the client who works with Evox Images for assistance with content.


“People can buy cars from any number of different car dealers. Especially new cars because new cars are a commodity no matter where you buy them so the real difference is you, the experience you provide and your dealership,” states. In fact, a total of 17.2 million new cars were sold in 2017. If your marketing organization or dealership is serious about moving product off the lot, it makes sense to invest in a company like Evox Images that can enlighten shoppers before they make the crucial in-person visit.

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