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Revolutionary Releases From Automakers Means Evox Images Offerings Are Essential Investment

evox imagesInnovation on the automotive front has never reached speeds as blinding as the ones we’re currently experiencing. Everything from replacing the century-old combustion engine to removing you – yes, you, the driver – from the equation of car-buying. According to a Feb. 26, 2018 article from The Automotive News, European and Japanese automakers are taking another look within after sales of recent Tesla models outpaced the more traditional offers. Per the article, even so-called “crossover” cars have some ground to gain before they can compete with the all-electric offerings from Tesla.


Taking in this news, Evox Images will continue to follow the headlines as it gears up for another productive year of documenting the latest and greatest in auto tech both inside the cabin and under the hood. That’s because this company, which is hired by major manufacturers for photographing, filming and creating 3-D digital graphic displays for websites, has already completed hundreds of such sessions in 2018 with plenty booked for 2019. If these manufacturers are serious about innovation in their industry while remaining competitive, cranking out all-new cars while investing in marketing options from Evox Images could be the key.


According to the article, BMW and Toyota are “likely to be among the showstoppers” at an upcoming auto show in Geneva as the two legacy brands worked together to develop sports cars that could compete with newer electric offerings. Per the article, other companies cranking out models that are a deviation from the decades-old norm include Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. What’s more, the article notes that General Motors won’t appear at the Geneva gathering as it has “nothing new to offer.” Similarly, “Chrysler Automobiles’ Alfa Romeo, Jeep and Fiat brands will be there but without all-new products.”


In a marketplace where consumers demand the very latest, shopping early can save both money and headaches. That’s where Evox Images comes in. This company, which has been digitally documenting new vehicles for more than two decades, has working relationships with hundreds of dealerships and newspapers for advertising purposes. When a client comes to Evox Images for photos, video and virtual reality (VR) mappings, they are doing so as to offer potential customers an educational and modern shopping experience. As one manager with an automotive company said of Evox Images and the cutting-edge services it offers, “We have found that the interior 360-degree panoramas and exterior 360-degree spins have helped to significantly improve our website performance.” Auto brands that have been around for a half-century or more are suddenly starting to release vehicles that are a deviation from the norm. As such, consumers are going to want to get acquainted with them before ever setting foot on a dealership lot – and that’s where Evox Images can help.

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