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Evox Images Paying Close Attention To Volkswagen’s $40 Billion Investment Into Cleaner, Smarter Cars

evox imagesTechnology today continues to advance at near-blinding speeds and its applications in the automotive sector are no exception. From the earliest automation that came in the form of cruise control to the increasing prevalence of assisted braking, the cars and trucks of today and tomorrow will be a far cry from what they were just mere decades ago. According to a Nov. 17, 2017 article from trade publication IndustryWeek, Volkswagen won’t be left behind as auto tech continues to advance and it recently announced plans to invest more than $40 billion in electric cars over the next five years. Per the article, Volkswagen’s CEO told the supervisory board that the coming investment will be sunk into self-driving cars, electric and hybrid vehicles as well as car-sharing services. While only time will tell what this means for the German automaker, it’s certainly a step in the right direction following the emissions scandal that saw VW scrambling to address its diesel testing cover-up.


News of VW’s newest strides toward launching cutting-edge cars is of interest to Evox Images, which is one of the leading companies conducting new car photography, videography and virtual reality (VR) mappings to benefit auto dealers across the country. The unique position that this California-based company is in means that it has early access to some of the newest models from major automakers and gets up close and personal with tech under the hood and on the center console. In fact, Evox Images has photographed, recorded and completed VR projects of more than 11,460 vehicles combined and is on track to document nearly 200 vehicles in 2018. With its offerings of a “first-look” library for brand-new cars, Evox Images has partnered with major U.S. automakers to offer marketing services for dealers.


For these reasons, Evox Images is interested to see what VW rolls out in the coming years. According to the article, the company – which also owns Porsche and Audi – also wants to offer “cleaner” and “smarter” cars as it competes with Tesla in a modern market. Per the article, the push would be great public relations as VW is still trying to “shake off a global emissions cheating scandal that shone a spotlight on polluting diesel engines,” according to the article. Of course, Evox Images is independent of any corporate maneuvering as the manufacturers compete with each other and release ever-evolving cars and trucks. As those models hit the market, this multimedia company will continue to document and distribute some of the most immersive photos, videos and VR tours of the hottest makes and models that will soon be available to the public for purchase.

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