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Auto Industry Expert Evox Images Explores Emerging Car Technology On The Horizon

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Now that we’ve entered the waning days of 2017, automotive industry leaders are taking a look at what the coming year and the following few years have to offer when it comes to modern driving. In an October 2017 article from Car and Driver magazine, experts tackle every topic from cell phone use in vehicles to “smart technology” that in theory should negate the need for using our phones when driving. In between, they also take a look under the hood and discuss the state of hybrid  vehicles and ponder how much longer the cars and trucks we’ve come to know will exist in their current state. All of these issues and more are of great interest to Evox Images, which is an industry leader in high-end automobile photography. Given its access to showroom-ready vehicles, Evox Images is a company that has its finger on the pulse of emerging technology. As such, the company would like to share some of its own insight and explore updates from Car and Driver regarding 2018 expectations. Buckle up; it could prove to be a turbulent road ahead.


  • Eyes on the Road: It’s dangerous and inconsiderate to use your cell phone while driving. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease control, nine people are killed and 1,000 injured daily in distracted driving crashes. According to the article, it’s impossible at the moment to force phones to turn off while they are in a vehicle. However, one alternative explored in the article is a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode that will limit what a smartphone can do while in a vehicle. Given that Evox Images is supremely familiar with photographing the interior of new cars, this leads directly to the next topic.


  • Coming Up Short: Touchscreen displays in modern cars have been around for a decade. However, Car and Driver notes that these devices often fall far short of what our phones can do – even in luxury vehicles that cost $100,000. As such, some companies like Honda have doubled-down on screen technology but reduced what they can do. That means volume control through traditional knobs on the center console; not through touchscreen input.


  • What Price for Power: Gearheads who love to tinker with their toys have shown concern over fuel economy affecting their sports cars. That’s because a more fuel-efficient sports car is going to have less horsepower but get more miles to the gallon. If you’ve got an interest in power over performance, you’re probably not so concerned about fuel efficiency. According to Car and Driver, it’s unlikely that federal intervention will put the clamp on high-performance cars and auto maker Tesla has already produced powerful electric motors. Since Evox Images often finds itself in the cabin of these high-end machines, development of what’s going on under the hood will also be watched closely.

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