High-Tech Auto Photography Company Benefits Both Consumers And Dealerships

evox-imagesSeeing may be believing, but the “perfect” shot only comes around so often. That’s a key consideration in the automotive sector, as a high-performance sports car demands a setting that screams power. Similarly, an all-wheel–drive SUV should be shown tackling  tough terrain. These considerations and more are exactly what Evox Images is solving with its high-end stock photography of new motor vehicles. By getting up close and personal with hundreds of the hottest new models, this company is offering unparalleled views of vehicles that consumers can fully appreciate. What’s more, Evox Images is embracing the field of virtual reality technology and ensuring that every inch of a new car or truck is covered so consumers can take a 360-degree look around – without ever having to actually sit in the driver’s seat.

Evox Images, which has photographed 11,361 vehicles as of October 2017, enjoys working relationships with all of the most respected auto manufacturers. As a respected brand, Evox has previously offered images and video of approximately 700 cars per model year in recent past. Once a shooting session has wrapped up, the company will  be able to offer clients between 30 and 50 images per vehicle alongside immersive videos and other animations. Clients with specific requests, such as different colorways of the vehicles being photographed or transparent backgrounds, are able to reach out to this accessible company for additional information. These are requests that Evox Images is happy to meet! For example, the three-angle colorized set option from this company will give customers the opportunity to see the vehicle in manufacturer colorways and from different angles. The photos are offered in a variety of resolutions and file formats, giving clients plenty of options for hosting the photos and videos on their own websites. Further, Evox Images has also launched a new release library of North American cars that “are introduced at major global auto shows and press events,” company officials said. “These images allow clients the opportunity to utilize the images in editorial, research and retail marketing efforts.”

High-end photography is a job best left to the pros and the time that Evox Images officials have spent photographing hundreds of cars a year has given this company a unique perspective. Speaking of unique perspectives, the company has fully embraced VR technology as a way to give folks a view of vehicles that rivals actually inspecting them in person. As a testament to the usefulness of this emerging technology, a recent survey found that 70 percent of consumers would visit a car dealership website that hosted VR views of cars on the lot. For those entrusted with meeting marketing goals, hiring a company like Evox Images to provide you – and potential customers – with pristine views of brand-new cars simply makes the most sense.